About Us

All American Lacrosse is dedicated to the advancement of the sport of women’s lacrosse. Owned and operated by Coach Cindy Timchal, All American Lacrosse is the premier resource for players and coaches who want to take their game to the next level.

If excellence is a measure of accomplishment, then Cindy Timchal, the winningest coach in women’s lacrosse history is immeasurable. Her success is unparalleled. Coach of an unprecedented 8 NCAA titles as well as five-time ACC Coach of the Year she has redefined and revolutionized the sport of women’s lacrosse. Her success as a coach is achieved through dedication, commitment, hard work and pure love of the sport. Now, as she “BEGINS A NEW TRADITION” as Head Coach of the United States Naval Academy Women’s Lacrosse Team, come join Coach Timchal and the staff of All American Lacrosse and the Naval Academy camps and experience the rich tradition of all that is NAVY while you refine and enhance your skills of the game.